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People from other Regions wonder what the acronym ASRLO means. For some occasions the national organization could not fathom why in Southern Tagalog ASRLO was born.

More often than we realize, there are people in the organization that make decisions in the absence of the person in the position. This has been the observation of our own staff in the early days of Higher Education Division under the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Region IV. At the time, almost fifty percent (50%) of our clients were liaison officers. The registrars of the school were either doing their functions in schools or they prefer to delegate the work of making submission and follow – up of papers in the Office. It was felt that the Liaison Officers and Registrars had a shared action wherein they were bound together around a common identity and sense of destiny to excel, learn and provide services to their clients. They possess a set of governing values by which they behave and regard their customers, community, and other publics as valuable components to their work. On that score it was observed further that the registrars and liaison officers were able to speak easier, to speak honestly or to reveal information on whatever agreed-upon values there were. The implications here were apparent for fostering the kind of supportive environment in which knowledge sharing flourished.

It was such a significant summer of 1985 when a group of supportive staff from HED-DECS IV with registrars and liaison officers were gathered in a scenic spot of Caliraya Lake in a resort owned by the Sobrepena’s where this body was formally organized. There were a few officers who were very active that pursued the objectives of the said organization. With them, the job of sending and transmitting paper and other documents were made much easier and pleasantries of both the service agency and the institutions being served had been fruitful. From then on, the organization guided most administrators on what they want from the regulatory agencies.

This was the simple and significant development of the organization of ASRLO R-IV which is now Association of College and University Registrars and Liaison Officers, Region IV-A (ACURLO RIV-A).

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